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garden design

Eden Garden Design offers a flexible range of personalised garden design services from a free initial consultation visit to the creation of presentation drawings. These detailed drawings form the basis of the next exciting stage, the garden build. Depending on your requirements, you may not need each of the services below so please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas. I will then be able to suggest services appropriate for you and your garden, such as simply preparing a planting plan.


Our first meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss your requirements and ideas for the development of your garden. Prior to this meeting, have a good think about what you like and don't like in your garden, how you currently use or would like to use your garden in the future, any features you would like to keep and those that you would be glad to see the back of. I will look at your existing garden and house in order to create the outdoor space that works for you. Following this meeting, I will email you with details of the design brief and a breakdown of fees for each stage of the garden design process. Upon their acceptance, we can start the garden design ball rolling. This initial visit is free of charge and normally lasts about 1 hour.

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Conceptual sketches will be drawn up based on the site survey and your requirements (established in the intial consultation). I will arrange to meet again with you to discuss the concept drawings which communicate my design ideas for your garden. These drawings, together with moodboards are used to help you to understand what your garden will look and feel like. Choices of materials and the style of planting will be discussed in more detail at this stage.

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After taking into account any changes you feel are necessary at the conceptual stage, I will make any adjustments before drawing up the final garden design. The detailed masterplan, drawn to scale and in colour, will be presented to you along with any necessary construction drawings and planting plans.

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planting plan

Once the strong framework of the design has been established, this is softened by lush, beautiful planting combinations. Detailed planting plans and plant lists can be produced as part of the design process or as a separate document. The completed plans allow the garden to be accurately costed and built correctly.

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