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With everyone leading such busy lives, it's easy to overlook the garden. If it's been neglected for some time, getting it back up to par can be challenging and time consuming but at Eden Garden Design we specialise in transforming the unwelcoming into the unbelievable.

Professionally skilled horticulturists are rare and many garden maintenance companies nowadays do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the requirements of their clients gardens effectively. Our expert knowledge and understanding of plants and gardens allows us to undertake correct pruning and specifically timed maintenance schedules in accordance with the horticultural calendar to encourage the growth of healthy, vigorous plants that create outstanding displays. In addition to regular gardening activities such as weeding and mowing, our main focus is on the maintenance of ornamental shrub and herbaceous borders to create and retain the highest standard of horticulture in each of our clients gardens.

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* One off seasonal tidy ups as well as regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance visits can be arranged.

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