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  • "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now."

garden planting

The garden is all about plants. The planting should harmonise with and set off the gardens layout. Selecting the right plants for the growing conditions makes all the difference in whether a garden will thrive or not and my expert knowledge of plants and soil conditions means you can be sure the planting will be a success, whether you are looking to create an entirely new garden or re-vamp a corner of your existing garden. I offer a range of planting services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

planting plans

Once the strong framework of a garden design has been established, this needs to be softened by lush, beautiful planting. Planting plans are important to calculate the correct number of plants needed for the project as well as identifying their exact, intended locations in the garden. When creating your individual plan, I consider texture and form, the colours you prefer, year round interest, required maintenance as well as taking into account the soil conditions, light levels and aspect. Planting plans can be drawn as part of the garden design process or as a seperate plan for those looking to refresh particular beds in an existing garden..

Planting Plans

planting service

Upon completion of the planting plan, I can prepare your garden beds before selecting the plants from the nursery for you, delivering them, laying them out and planting them. This offers you complete peace of mind as we will ensure that the plants selected are healthy and true to form and that your garden is planted up to the highest, professional standard. Alternatively, if you're a budding, green fingered gardener, I can source and lay out the plants and leave the planting up to you. Eden Garden Design offers a range of planting services where we can select, source and plant for you if required.

Planting Plans

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